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One benefit of membership in a collecting group is a journal revealing the latest articles on research into that specific collecting category. But how many of us take time to review old issues on our bookshelves to refresh our memories of the original research? Now may be a great time to review some of those forgotten articles.

Relearn something new

Take the time to go to your bookshelf and grab a few of those magazines and curl up in the chair and begin (re)learning something new. You may have a choice among numerous different journals. Many of us belong to multiple groups, such as the John Reich Collectors Society (The John Reich Journal,, Early American Coppers (Pennywise,, American Numismatic Society (The Colonial Newsletter,, or the Liberty Seated Collectors Club (Gobrecht Journal, online at

Each of these journals contains a multitude of articles on widely different subjects that would be of interest to almost any numismatist. A one-time perusal of any of these publications would be a great disservice to both you and the authors. I recently had to review the back issues of my John Reich Journals and rediscovered some very interesting articles that I did not totally recall. It will prompt some additional evening reading.


Some tidbits of information I found anew include the following:

? “Proof Only Die Marriages of our Federal Silver Coinage” by Russell Logan (John Reich Journal No. 44). This article was published soon after Russ’ death, as the article was already prepared for publication.

? “Early U.S. Minting Methods Parts One, Two and Three” (JRJ No. 44-46) by Craig Sholley. Everyone interested in the early coins of our first Philadelphia Mint should review these articles.

? Edgar Souders has written many informative articles on the Capped Bust half dollars. They all have the tag of “Capped Bust Half Dollar Secrets.” What appears in the articles is always interesting and informative. Edgar has won many Jules Reiver Literary awards for these submissions. If you read them you will understand why.

Ongoing discussions on the issues that are available in terminal die states for each of the denominations have regular appearances in the pages of our journal. Steve Crain, Richard Meaney and Glenn Peterson regularly chime in about the half dimes, Jim Matthews and Charles Horning on the dimes, Rory Rea tells us about the quarter dollars and Brad Higgins keeps us up-to-date on the Turban Head half dollars.

Many collectors share their recent experiences in the hobby through the pages of our journal. Sometimes it’s the discovery of a new die state or remarriage, or about obtaining a rare or scarce die marriage for their collections. Everyone has something interesting to share.

All of this and the census information that is published in each of our issues to boot! Collectors have the opportunity to see how their coins stack up compared to those submitted for publication in our census reports. Additionally, the authors of the censuses add comments that give valuable insight into the collecting of that particular denomination from the extended experience of the compiler. Changing rarity ratings are reviewed and condition rarities are revealed.

Just think how much information is waiting to be rediscovered.

Brad Karoleff is a vice president of the John Reich Collectors Society and editor of the club’s journal. He can be reached via email at

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