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Eswatini offers anniversary commemorative bank note

A 50-emalangeni commemorative bank note issued in Eswatini marks the central bank’s 50th anniversary. A silhouette of the projector used in the bank presentation intrudes on the note images.

Images courtesy of Central Bank of Eswatini.

The Kingdom of Eswatini, the landlocked country in southern Africa, marked the 50th anniversary of its central bank on May 10 with the launch of a 50-emalangeni commemorative bank note that entered circulation the next day. The country changed its name from Swaziland in 2018 to avoid being confused with Switzerland.

The Eswatini Observer said the note was introduced by King Mswati III at a celebration at the bank’s headquarters. He stressed in his remarks the importance of the note for collectors while reassuring his audience that the old notes that have been in circulation will not be abolished but would continue to be used.

The violet, 152-millimeter by 70-millimeter note was printed on a composite substrate in Germany by Giesecke + Devrient. The note’s face is similar to the regular 50-emalangeni note but with a rectangular, reddish-purple CBE50 logo added. The note face retains the usual portrait of King Mswati III. There is also a green and pink security thread. The note back shows a different building than the Central Bank of Eswatini headquarters, which appears on the regular issue notes. Despite the fact that the bank is the subject of this commemorative note, its back features instead the terminal building of the King Mswati III International Airport in Lubombo.

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