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Error Disney Dollar in March 10 Heritage Auctions online

A single error $1 Disney Dollar and six multi-note lots of Disney Dollars will be offered in the March 10 Tuesday Internet Currency Auction by Heritage Auctions.

The error 1987 $1 Disney Dollar, the first year of issue and featuring a vignette of Mickey Mouse, is missing serial numbers. The scrip was graded choice crisp Uncirculated by the auction firm.

Disney Dollars are a form of private currency introduced by Walt Disney Co. in May 1987; most of the notes feature a Disney figure in the central vignette on the face.

The colorful corporate scrip could be purchased and exchanged at face value with U.S. dollars. Each note was printed with anti-counterfeiting devices, including special reflective inks to stifle photocopying.

The scrip was acceptable in purchases of products or services at the Disney theme parks, on Disney cruise ships, at Disney’s Castaway Cay port of call and, up until 2009, in the Disney Stores.

The scrip was initially issued in $1 and $5 denominations as single notes as well as in collector sheets of 18 notes. A $10 denomination was added in 1990.

For more information about the March 10 auction visit the firm’s website at

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