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December marks the 75th anniversary of the great animated film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

The film — today considered a classic not just of animated movies but of film in general — represented a great risk for Walt Disney and his production firm, who spent three years and risked substantial resources to bring the $1.6 million production to the big screen.

Disney gambled on the production, mortgaging his home to finance the film, working under his firm belief that the public would embrace the 83-minute, feature-length film.

Many coin collectors can likely relate to having to stretch finances to acquire something worth having.

Thankfully for Disney fans today, his gamble was a success. The film was wildly profitable and continues to be a key part of the Disney catalog.

Collectors today go wild over anything Disney and the various numismatic collectibles of Snow White create a rich collection that shows the diverse reach of numismatics.

Most coin collectors collect other things besides coins — and Coin World senior staff writer Paul Gilkes’ cover feature taps into the many different collectible fields that relate to Snow White, from animation production cells to comic books.

Especially as loved ones of collectors wonder what they should buy the collector in their life as a holiday gift, looking at collectible items beyond the numismatic provides one answer.

What items relate to a coin or piece of paper money and provide context to a collection?

The same elements used to determine a coin’s market value apply when looking at other collectibles: desirability, rarity, condition. As this month’s market analysis points out, today’s collectors have a wide range of information available at their fingertips to help them make smart decisions when buying.

Thanks for inviting Coin World into your holiday season and for making us a part of your collecting experience.

From all of us to you, a sincere wish for happy holidays.


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