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Ellsworth, Ross win ANA election posts

The American Numismatic Association, headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado, reports that Steven Ellsworth has been elected to be the organization’s 61st president.

Image courtesy of American Numismatic Association.

Elections for the American Numismatic Association’s  board of governors, including the offices of president and vice president, concluded on July 1, and the results were made available July 2.

Steven K. Ellsworth was elected president and Ralph W. Ross was elected vice president.

Ellsworth won the presidency by beating Donald Kagin by a margin of 3,206 to 2,849. Ross defeated Thomas J. Uram for the vice president’s position on a tally of 3,757 to 2,173.

The board of governors race, in which 10 people were running, saw Clifford Mishler win  a seat with 4,479 votes, the most of any candidate. Also winning a board seat were Greg Lyon with 3,951 votes, Mary Lynn Garrett with 3,935 votes, Paul Montgomery with 3,888 votes, Shanna Schmidt with 3,871 votes, Michael L. Ellis with 3,473 votes, and Muriel Eymery with 3,133 votes. Lyon and Montgomery retained their seats, while Mishler and Ellis have previously served on the board, but not in the most recent term.

All three women who ran won, and all are first-time board members.

Three gubernatorial candidates, Robert E. Oberth, John W. Highfill, and Rick Ewing, came up short with 3,112, 3,063, and 2,024 votes, respectively. Highfill, a governor in the most recent term, will be leaving the board.

ANA elections are held biennially for all positions, all of which were contested this year. All current ANA members over the age of 13 who have been part of the organization for a year or more are eligible to vote, meaning that in 2019, 19,737 people could vote.

Election Services Corp., a marketing firm that runs elections for many private and public entities, was contracted to tabulate vote totals. Traditional paper ballots could be submitted, but an online option was available as well. Each voter could vote for one each of the two presidential and vice presidential candidates and seven of the ten gubernatorial candidates.

A total of 6,131 votes were cast, representing 31.06 percent of the eligible ANA members, roughly a 3 percent increase from 2017 levels. According to the firm, 1,848 members voted electronically, constituting just over 30 percent of votes cast.

Newly-elected officers are sworn in at the ANA World’s Fair of Money, which will take place in Rosemont, Illinois from Aug. 13 to 17.

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