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Early Mint planchet preparation discussed in July

In the July issue of Penny-Wise, the official publication of Early American Coppers, Craig Sholley begins a four-part series examining the U.S. Mint’s coining procedures, “The Evolution of US Minting Technology.”

Part I of this series discusses planchet preparation for copper, silver and gold coins during the early days of the Mint.

Another topic covered in this issue is Chuck Heck’s article “Dentilation of 1794 Large Cents, Part IX,” which discusses the Sheldon 70 to 72 (Penny Whimsey by William H. Sheldon) large cent varieties.

Penny-Wise editor Harry E. Salyards writes on the Sheldon 32 variety of the 1794 Liberty Cap cent, asserting that the marks called “planchet roughness,” commonly seen on the right obverse of the coin, are actually “tumbling marks.”

Other contributors to the issue include Michael S. Shutty Jr., James Higby, Bob Kebler and Steve Shapiro.

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