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"Dramatic error" the draw of this Barber Dime

This magnificent 1893 Barber dime error features an obverse die cap and a reverse brockage. The AU-55 error sold for $11,750 on Jan. 6.

Original images courtesy of Heritage Auctions

Heritage’s various auctions taking place before, during and immediately after the Florida United Numismatists show, held this year Jan. 7 to 10 in Tampa, are a juggernaut that sets the pace for the U.S. rare coin market in the coming year. Heritage’s first U.S. Coins session, held on Jan. 6, featured some impressive error coins that were led by a crazy undated Roosevelt dime that was struck on a nail. Graded Mint State 65 by Professional Coin Grading Service, the error made national mainstream news and sold for a huge $42,300.

The Coin:
1893 Barber dime error, Obverse die cap with brockage reverse, AU-55

The Price:

The Story:
A visually dramatic error, this 1893 Barber dime error has a deep concave obverse and a brockage reverse. Graded About Uncirculated 55 by PCGS, the magnificent error that is substantially larger than a “normal” Barber dime sold for $11,750.

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The catalog describes the unique circumstances behind this piece writing, “The first strike for the present coin was between the obverse die and the obverse of a previously struck coin. The latter (not included) was ejected, but the present piece remained in the coinage chamber, since the force of its first strike caused its rim to partly wrap around (and attach to) the obverse die. A new planchet (not included) was fed in for the second strike, which deepened the die cap of the present coin and caused its brockaged reverse to moderately expand.”

Capped dies are extremely rare on 19th century coins and this is among the finest to come to auction in years.

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