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Always check both sides of a coin for doubled dies

Varieties Notebook column from the Feb. 20, 12017, weekly issue of Coin World:

All of the more recent reports of Roosevelt dime doubled dies have been for the reverse. Whaden Curtis broke that pattern with a 2012-P Roosevelt dime that shows a doubled die obverse. A spread to the south shows on the date, the Mint mark, the designer’s initials, IN GOD WE TRUST and on LIBERTY, where the spread decreases from left to right. I have this one listed in my files as 2012-P 10¢ WDDO-001.

Don Hall is back, this time with a 2013-P Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine quarter dollar that has a nice doubled die reverse. Doubling spread to the south shows on the bottom of the arch, the bottom of the three windows above the arch, the roof above the windows, and along the roof line to the right of the windows and the arch. I now list this one in my files as 2013-P 25¢ MD WDDR-008.

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A 1972 Kennedy half dollar with a well-documented obverse doubled die was submitted by Coin World reader Tom Koolick. Strong doubling shows on the date and the letters of IN GOD WE TRUST. The Combined Organizations of Numismatic Error Collectors of America have this variety listed as 1-O-II+V and it is illustrated in The Cherrypickers’ Guide to Rare Die Varieties where it is listed as FS-50-1972-101. I have it recorded as 1972 50¢ WDO-001 in my doubled die files.

Until now, I had not listed any doubled dies on medals produced by the U.S. Mint. Calvin Goddard changed that by submitting a bronze medal from the 2016 Ronald Reagan Coins & Chronicles set with a very nice doubled die reverse. Doubling shows on the outer stars of the flag, the tips of the feathers of both wings of the eagle, the letters of DISTINGUISHED LEADERSHIP, and the dates 1981 – 1989. I list it as WDDR-001.

I’m looking forward to seeing that first 2017-dated doubled die. Who will be the first to report a find, and on what coin?

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