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Dix Noonan Webb sale focuses on world notes

One of only two known examples in private hands of a Bank of England £5 note issued in Newcastle on Tyne will be offered by Dix Noonan Webb in its auction of British, Irish and world bank notes Nov. 25 in London.

Dated 15 JULY 1889, the Very Fine graded note is estimated to bring £8,000 to £12,000 ($10,730 to $16,000).

Estimated to also reach the same price is a £500 Bank of England note from Liverpool with a 30 SEPTEMBER 1936 date, described as Good Extremely Fine and very scarce.

Also from the Bank of England is a very rare Uncirculated £10,000,000 Treasury bill from Dec. 8, 2003, stamped CANCELLED. It is estimated at £4,400 to £5,000. These rarely seen Treasury bills are nicknamed “Titans” and were used in government and interbank transactions.

The auction includes the first installment of the Gus MacAmhlaig Collection of Irish, Scottish, and Isle of Man bank notes. Featured is a Very Fine £20 Lady Lavery note from the Central Bank of Ireland with a circled War Code “A” from 1943 and an estimate of £4,000 to £5,000. These “War Code” or “Special Identification Marking” notes are similar to the Hawaiian U.S. note issues of World War II. They were printed in England, and in case of hostile overreach, the identification letter made it possible to identify and cancel them.

Projected at £7,500 to £10,000 is a undated choice Uncirculated 1,000-lira specimen note issued by the British Military Authority in occupied Tripolitania (Libya) in 1943. This is its first appearance at auction in nearly a decade.

The face of the note has a lion standing on the royal crown. It has serial number 00T 000000 and is perforated SPECIMEN at the bottom.

Tripolitania is now the northwestern part of Libya. It fell under Italian rule in 1939, was the scene of brutal armored combat in World War II, and later was one of three provinces that became the Kingdom of Libya in 1951.

The entire 960-lot auction is posted online at

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