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Dime roll searches yield silver and errors

Found in Rolls column from Dec. 12, 2016, weekly issue of Coin World:

Every once in awhile, I like to remind my fellow roll searchers that I look through rolls of coins for fun and not for any potential profit.

I am a collector by definition and I generally keep coins that are interesting to me. Whether or not a coin discovered in a roll is what I like to call a million dollar wonder or is one that has very little numismatic value, it will land in my collection if I think it is a fun discovery!

The first coin to emerge from a roll was this 1983-P Roosevelt dime that at first glance does not look like much.

If, however, you take a really good look at it, especially in the area of the IN GOD WE TRUST motto, you will see what is a pretty drastic die break.

Beginning at the coin’s rim, a raised line extends diagonally to the right, passing through the first T of TRUST and continuing on through the D of GOD and finally ending when the crack touches President Roosevelt’s chin!

It is difficult to see, but there is evidence of a raised area and a slight depression that is the result of a die clash just above the ST of TRUST.

A clash mark on this area of the obverse would be caused by the portion of the reverse die that featured the flame of the torch.

It is more likely than not that the coming together of the obverse and reverse dies without a planchet between them contributed to the damage to the die that caused it to ultimately crack.

The crack on the die face would create a depression on the die that would result in a raised line on any coins struck by that die.

Although this coin with eviden­ce of a die crack is not extremely valuable, it still a nice example of this error type.

My next find is easier to describe. It is a 1951-D Roosevelt dime. Whether I am searching through dimes, quarter dollars or halves, I always get a kick out of finding any coins made of silver. At this very moment silver is trading at $18.42 per ounce, making this dime’s bullion value a whopping $1.33, but that is not the point.

Being able to add silver coins to my collection for face value is just very exciting to this roll searching addict. I guess it is the adrenalin rush that I get when I see silver in a roll. Whatever the reason, it is just plain fun.

You can share your finds or comments with me by emailing me at or send me a Tweet @foundinrollscw. Have a Merry Christmas!

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