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Details revealed for 2023 Morgan, Peace dollars

While the U.S. Mint has established pricing for 2023 Morgan and Peace silver dollars, bureau officials have not announced mintage ceilings and where the Proof, Uncirculated and Reverse Proof coins will be produced.

Images courtesy of the United States Mint.

Pricing for the Uncirculated and Proof 2023 Morgan and Peace dollars is established by the United States Mint.

The pricing was posted June 29 online through the Federal Register.

Uncirculated 2023 Morgan and Peace dollars will be priced at $67 per coin. Proof versions will be priced at $73 per coin.

The U.S. Mint also plans to execute a two-coin Reverse Proof set containing 2023 Morgan and Peace dollars. That set will be offered at $175.

U.S. Mint officials have not yet disclosed what the maximum mintages will be for the 2023 coins and whether the silver dollars will be produced at more than one production facility.

Cancellation of 2022 plans

Planned 2022 Morgan and Peace dollars were canceled and production was suspended until 2023 because of supply chain problems securing adequate .999 fine silver blanks to meet anticipated demand.

In announcing the cancellation, the Mint on March 14 stated, “This calculated pause is directly related to the global pandemic’s impact upon the availability of silver blanks from the Mint’s suppliers. The suspension will give the Mint time to evaluate the best way to allocate our limited supply of silver to ensure the best customer experience we can.”

Then Mint Deputy Director Ventris C. Gibson, who is now director, on March 14 said, “We’ll be required to make business decisions like this until the supply chain for silver blanks recovers from the disruptions caused by COVID-19.”

2021 Morgan dollar production was conducted at the Philadelphia, San Francisco and Denver Mints. The sole 2021 Peace dollar was produced at the Philadelphia Mint.

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