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Dark spots mar gift coin

I have read many reports of people purchasing coins from our great United States Mint and finding dark spots on them but had never experienced the horror myself.

However, Murphy’s Law says that if you purchase enough coins from the Mint you’re bound to end up with a bad one. I did recently, with an Uncirculated 2013 silver American Eagle. Let me tell you, it’s no fun ending up with a less than perfect coin.

Somebody, somewhere can put an end to these unsightly dark spots. To ruin a perfectly good coin is just plain not fair, nor is it fair to spend good money on a coin you need for your set and end up with junk that you might as well scrap out. I’m not adding that thing to my collection.

Thanks, U.S. Mint. We should have spent our hard-earned money elsewhere and gotten a decent coin. Next time we will!

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