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Damage to Uncirculated Coin sets set off complaints

2022 Uncirculated Mint sets are being received by collectors with what appears to be damage to the packaging and possibly the coins.

Images courtesy of Bill Olsen.

Multiple collectors have reported to Coin World that they have received the 2022 Uncirculated Coin sets they ordered with many coins from the Philadelphia Mint and Denver Mint exhibiting what they believe to be damage, possibly caused by packaging equipment.

However, it is unclear from images whether the coins are damaged or the appearance of “damage” is part of the packaging. Mint officials were contacted but did not respond to Coin World by press time.

The 20-coin sets — containing folders with 10-coins each specially struck at the Denver and Philadelphia Mints — were offered at $25.25 per set by the U.S. Mint through enrollments of registered Mint customers, and sales opened on July 12 to the public. The maximum release is authorized at 250,000 sets, with 158,257 of that total recorded sold as of the Mint’s July 24 sale report.

Coin World was first alerted to problems with the Mint sets on July 22 when collectors began examining the sets they received. New York collector Bill Olsen reported for the three sets he ordered and received, crimp marks from packaging equipment or possibly damage to the coins appears in the same four positions on the rim areas of each coin. However, collectors report it is difficult to ascertain if the damage is on the packaging alone or also appears on the respective coins.

The coins for the sets are placed by robots into their respective openings in the folder inserts after being retrieved from trays containing the various coins. After placement of all 10 coins is complete for each of the Denver and Philadelphia coin folders, the plastic compartments are crimped shut.

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