Thought Leaders Series: Silvano DiGenova of Tangible Investments, Inc.

Silvano DiGenova, founder of Tangible Investments, Inc., discusses his favorite coin he’s ever handled and which he would love to handle, but hasn’t yet. He also talks about what he would change to help the coin collecting hobby if he could go back in time.

Tangibles Investments, Inc. is a privately owned company based in beautiful Laguna Beach, California. It specializes in ultra-rare early United States Rare Coins. The Gallery also offers exclusive selections across several categories including Estate Jewelry, Antiques (especially Art Deco and Art Nouveau), and 19th Century and early 20th Century Fine Art. The company’s president, Silvano DiGenova, co-founded PCGS, authored its grading standard, and is a member of every numismatic organization including the prestigious Professional Numismatic Guild, ICTA, and F.U.N.

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