Thought Leaders Series: David Hall of David Hall Rare Coins

David Hall discusses the best strategy to be a successful coin buyer. He also talks third party grading services, underpriced areas of the market, and mistakes to avoid in collecting.

David Hall started a small rare coin company that specializes in high quality collectible coins over 40 years ago.

What separates DHRC from all other rare coin dealers are the innovations we have introduced to the industry. Virtually all the major market developments during the past 30 years have originated with David Hall Rare Coins, including grading guarantees, daily cash buy/sell markets, and third-party certified grading. These advances have profoundly changed the structure of the rare coin industry, and have made it the most orderly and liquid collectibles market in the world.

Comprehensive client service continues long after the sale. David Hall Rare Coins provides monthly market analyses, buying tips, and recommended strategies via our website at And, most importantly, DHRC is always available for private customer consultations.

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