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Rare 1870-CC canceled half dollar die and coin in C4OA journal

The story about a rare canceled die for an 1870-CC Seated Liberty half dollar is told in the Fall-Winter 2014 issue of Curry’s Chronicle, the journal of the Carson City Coin Collectors of America.

The fascinating story tells how David Sundman, of Littleton Coin Co., found an 1870-CC Seated Liberty half dollar that was struck on the canceled die he’s owned for a decade. Wendy Beattie, senior copywriter at Littleton Coin Co., penned the aforementioned narrative.

Other articles include a recap of the club’s regional meeting, a book review, personal collecting experiences, and an array of helpful information about Carson City Mint coins.

Mary Elise Arnold offers a review of the 2014 Carson City Coin Collectors of America regional meeting in Carson City, Nev.

Arnold also writes about a chopmark challenge in Carson City coinage. In that article she shares her journey of acquiring a special, chopmarked 1874-CC Trade dollar to add to her collection.

Mary Elise’s father, Tony Arnold, writes about the "Eagle Street Mint," where Carson City Mint gold $10 pieces began their ascent. In the article, he tells why the $10 eagle is his favorite “CC” denomination in the gold coin category.

Bill Dunn vividly describes his experience with his article titled “Just One Look, That’s All It Took ... Building a Grade Set of Circulated 1885-CC Morgan Silver Dollars.”

Weimar White’s 43rd contribution to Curry’s Chronicle since its inception in summer 2005 explains why assembling a 10-piece Carson City coin type set in Mint State condition is very difficult.

Peter Plath’s article recounts how surprised he was when he received a special plaque from Professional Coin Grading Service honoring him for his 56-piece (out of a possible 57 pieces) set of certified Carson City Mint gold coins.

Mark Archambault’s essay reminds readers to remain patient when on the quest for their next coin purchase, as he did before buying the 1872-CC Seated Liberty half dollar for his Loosechange Collection.

Tom DeFina, whose word-search puzzles are popular features in Curry’s Chronicle, chose as his theme in this issue’s installment: “A Comstock Curiosity (of Mine) — The Bowers Mansion.”

James Sneddon’s article, “A Rare Find — A Countermarked 1889-CC Morgan Silver Dollar,” describes a one-of-a-kind coin he recently acquired.

Club president Rusty Goe reviews Nevada historian Jack Harpster’s book, The Curious Life of Nevada’s LaVere Redfield: The Silver Dollar King.

In a second article, Goe answers the question, “Are there any hindrances to free-market prices for Carson City coins?" He makes a case that Carson City Mint coins trade in a free-market system, which allows true-value prices realized.

The Carson City Coin Collectors of America is a nonprofit club incorporated in the state of Nevada. It is open to any member in good standing seeking to share and receive information about the Carson City Mint and the coins produced there. Dues cost $30 a year, which includes a three-issue subscription to Curry’s Chronicle.

For additional information, write to Carson City Coin Collectors of America, Box 18040, Reno, NV 89511; email a club representative; or visit the club website.

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