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Company marketing a new customizable security thread

A crocodile and a wave are featured in customizable security threads in a new security device offered by the Louisenthal division of Giesecke+Devrient.

Images courtesy of Giesecke+Devrient.

It seems as if there can never be too many choices in bank note security threads. On May 20 the Louisenthal division of Giesecke+Devrient (G+D) introduced a new one for paper-based substrates.

The RollingStar i+ has a variety of design options in its textures, colors and dynamic effects. G+D says brilliant motifs, movement color shift purity, and clear visibility when the bank note is tilted offer maximum protection against counterfeiting, while at the same time allowing simple, fast and reliable public authentication, even in less than optimal lighting conditions.

The new thread combines a pair of technologies — ColorShift for color changes and “micro mirrors” for dynamic effects, that are arranged according to highly complex algorithms.

The the “i”+ stands for “impact plus,” and offers a new range of options in bank note design, dynamics and brilliance as well as a clearer color gradient, according to the company.

The thread has what is described as a highly sophisticated alignment and shaping of micro mirrors. The company says this allows for attractive optical design and customization. Threads can be given a specific theme to coordinate with a bank note’s overall design.

Alfred Kraxenberger, Louisenthal’s managing director of R&D, Technology and Production, described the rationale behind the new thread, writing: “Central banks need to innovate their banknotes with features that are visually attractive, counterfeit resilient and machine-readable. This is especially true with regard to security threads. Since banknotes are seen to act as a calling card for a country, all features need to play together in perfect harmony in the banknote design. A security thread should also offer sufficient options for design integration and individualization towards country-specific motifs and themes.”

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