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Commission of Fine Arts recommends quarter designs

The Commission of Fine Arts recommended designs Feb. 18 for the 2017 Effigy Mounds National Monument and Ellis Island National Monument quarter dollars that differ from the preferences Feb. 16 of the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee.

At their respective meetings in October 2015, the CCAC rejected the proposed designs for the Effigy Mounds and Ellis Islands coins, while the CFA made no recommendations for the Effigy Mounds quarter dollar.

The CFA, however, reviewed the same designs Feb. 18 for both coins as the CCAC did two days before: newly offered proposals for the two groups' review, along with the previous submissions.

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The CFA recommended two nearly identical designs for the Effigy Mounds coin without making a specific recommendation for either design. Both show the bears and eagle mounds from the Major Bear Mounds Group at the Iowa site. The only apparent differences between the designs are in what appear to be suggested texturings of either the mounds or the surrounding coin surfaces.

However, at its Feb. 18 meeting, the CFA recommended a proposed design for the Ellis Island coin differing from the one it had recommended at its Oct. 15, 2015, session.

The latest design recommended shows an immigrant family of four behind the rail on a ship arriving at Ellis Island, facing toward the main building in the background. The father points toward the building, apparently speaking to his family; his young son leans on the railing, looking toward the building, while the mother, holding her toddler daughter in her left arm, watches the child's face, which is also focused toward the building.

In October, the CFA originally selected an Ellis Island design that is an earlier version of the last-minute submission the CCAC selected Feb. 16 as its recommendation.

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