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Commission of Fine Arts recommends proposed designs

Proposed designs for five 2019 America the Beautiful quarter dollars and a congressional gold medal were recommended Sept. 20 by the Commission of Fine Arts.

The Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee reviewed the same proposed designs the day before. The two panels agreed on some choices for designs and recommended different choices for other designs.

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For the Lowell National Historical Park quarter dollar for Massachusetts, the CFA recommended a design that depicts a mill girl working at a bobbin battery machine, with a view of Lowell, including the clock tower, through the window. The design is different from the one recommended by the CCAC.

For the American Memorial Park coin for the Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands, the CFA selected a design that features a Chamorro boy saluting the American flag while on the shoulder of a soldier, at the Memorial Court of Honor and Flag Circle. The memorial honors the sacrifice made by those who lost their lives in the Marianas Campaign during World War II. The CCAC recommended the same design, though it recommends some modifications.

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For the coin reflecting Guam’s War in the Pacific National Historical Park, the CFA recommended a design, while requesting a modification to include elements from a second design. 

The primary recommended design juxtaposes a U.S. Marine planting the American flag into the sands of Guam on the day the American forces arrived and the present-day Memorial Day Flag display at Asan Beach. The second design portrays a wave of American forces coming ashore at Asan Bay, strengthening the number of troops on the island in the fight for the island of Guam and its eventual liberation (the CCAC recommended this design). The CFA recommends the background from the second design be substituted for the background of the primary preferred design.

For the Texas coin reflecting San Antonio Missions National Historical Park, the CFA-recommended design uses elements of the Spanish Colonial real coin, in its iconography and composition of four quadrants, to pay tribute to the missions. The CCAC recommended the same design for the coin.

For the 2019 quarter dollar representing the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness in Idaho, the CFA opted for a design featuring a pair of wolves at the river’s edge. Behind them, trees grip the rocky slope, and steep cliffs meet the river’s edge. The CCAC’s recommendation differs, though it, too, shows a wolf in a forest setting.

Gold medal

The CFA recommended the same designs for the congressional gold medal recognizing the World War II exploits of the Office of Strategic Services that the CCAC favored Sept. 19 and that are also preferred by the OSS Society.

The obverse illustrates the letters OSS with each letter partially revealing and partially concealing the silhouettes of three figures.

The recommended reverse features the OSS spearhead inscribed with code words related to important OSS missions and agents. 

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