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Commission of Fine Arts recommends Nicklaus medal designs

The obverse and reverse designs recommended by the Commission of Fine Arts for the Jack Nicklaus congressional gold medal are the one's favored by Nicklaus.

Images courtesy of United States Mint.

The Commission of Fine Arts reviewed proposed designs and made its recommendations Jan. 22 for a congressional gold medal honoring the athletic and philanthropic achievements of professional golfer Jack Nicklaus.

The medal is authorized under Public Law 113-210.

Five proposed obverse and four reverse designs were presented to the CFA for consideration. Each of the five obverses depicts a variation on portraits of Nicklaus that show him in his follow-through after a golf shot.

Each proposed reverse incorporates inscriptions reflecting Nicklaus’ philanthropy and dedication to charitable causes, including health care for children.

MORE PROPOSED DESIGNS: Jack Nicklaus gold congressional medal designs released

The CFA recommended the obverse and reverse designs favored by Nicklaus. The favored obverse features a close-up of the golfer finishing his swing, inscribed around with 120 PROFESSIONAL VICTORIES and 18 MAJOR CHAMPIONSHIPS separated by a five-pointed star. The recommended reverse depicts five five-pointed stars along the top border and one along the bottom with an open wreath of laurel branches within which is inscribed EXCELLENCE / IN SPORT, / PROMOTING INTEGRITY / AND SPORTSMANSHIP, / AND DEDICATION TO / PHILANTHROPY AND / CHILDREN'S HEALTHCARE,  / WITH A LIFELONG / COMMITMENT TO / FAMILY.

The enabling act provides for the Secretary of the Treasury to authorize the U.S. Mint to produce and offer for sale bronze duplicates of the Nicklaus congressional gold medal.

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