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Colorful trade dollar offers unique value: Market Analysis

Here is the second of three posts from Steve Roach offering insight on some valuable first-year-of-issue dollars:

The theme that unites the three coins selected for this week’s market analysis came by chance. The Eisenhower dollar, Peace dollar and Trade dollar featured each represent the first year of issue of each of their respective types. Some collectors collect first-year of issue coins, and a curious public likes to save new coins. Thus, first-year examples often survive in higher numbers and in finer grades as they were kept as keepsakes rather than used in commerce. These three dollars are exceptional, but each in different ways. 

The Coin 
Colorful 1873 Trade dollar, MS-64 CAC

The Price

The Story 
The Trade dollar is in demand both from specialists who collect the short-lived series and from type collectors who just want one nice representative. At Legend’s Sept. 3 Regency XIII auction, an 1873 Trade dollar graded MS-64 by PCGS with a green Certified Acceptance Corp. sticker sold for $4,582.50. 

The auction described the coin’s handsome appearance as follows: “The strike is bold on all the devices and the toning is classic, deeper blue, russet and rose gold in perfect concentric circles, the reverse a bit deeper overall.”

While the issue shows a PCGS population of 47 1873 Trade dollars in MS-64, that number is perhaps inflated by resubmissions, as there are just 10 certified MS-65, with that number dropping to four in MS-66. With rich color that is unusual for a Trade dollar, this example would make a great addition to a type set, or would even visually fit in with a collection of toned Morgan dollars.

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