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Varieties Notebook: State 25¢ doubled dies return

To say that I can never foresee what will be coming my way from Coin World readers would be an understatement.

Several years ago, doubled dies on the State quarter dollars were quite the rage with submissions coming in at an overwhelming rate. As time went by interest turned to doubled dies on the commemorative 2009 Lincoln cents and submissions from the State quarters pretty much dried up. Now, in a relatively short period of time, four different Coin World readers submitted State quarter dollar doubled die varieties, all of which turned out to be new listings.

The first of these is a doubled die obverse on a 2002-D Louisiana quarter dollar submitted by Marilyn Keeney. Doubling shows on the underside of Washington’s earlobe. I have this one listed as 2002-D 25¢ LA WDDO-001.

When State quarter varieties were at the height of their popularity, I issued a challenge to see if a doubled earlobe variety could be found for each of the 50 states. To date, 17 states still await discoveries of one of these varieties.

Edward Fletcher, well known for his books on the Shield 5-cent coin die varieties, submitted a 2002-D Tennessee quarter dollar with a doubled earlobe. That one is now in my files as 2002-D 25¢ TN WDDO-001.

It was the Minnesota quarter dollars that started the State quarter dollar doubled die craze back in 2005. The craze led to my listing of 163 reverse doubled dies just for the Philadelphia Mint’s Minnesota quarter dollars.

Jim Casey Jr.’s find on a Minnesota quarter dollar shows two “extra branches” on the left side of the target tree (the third complete tree to the right of the state outline). The coin is now in my files as 2005-P 25¢ MN WDDR-164.

Finally, John C. Manns found and submitted yet one more reverse doubled die on a Minnesota quarter dollar, but on a Denver Mint coin. A bold extra branch shows on the upper right side of the target tree while a smaller one shows on the left side of the target tree. It is listed as 2005-D 25¢ MN WDDR-012.

John Wexler is a renowned numismatic researcher and author
on error coins and
die varieties.

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