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Collectors heat up 2016 with variety finds: Wexler

Varieties Notebook column from July 19, 2016, Weekly issue of Coin World:

Coin World readers are making it a hot summer for die variety finds, reporting finds in different series and denominations.

Jean Agudio gets us started with a 2009 Lincoln, Formative Years cent that has a nice doubled die reverse. A partial extra index finger can be seen just below the thumb while a small part of the spine of the book can be seen just above the thumb.

This is a well-documented variety. I have it in my files as 2009 1¢ FY WDDR-014 while the Combined Organizations of Numismatic Error Collectors of America lists the variety as 21-R-VIII. Coppercoins lists the variety as 2009P-1DR-012. It was even deemed nice enough to be included in The Cherrypickers’ Guide to Rare Die Varieties where it is listed as FS-01-2009-806.

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A 1961-D/D Jefferson 5-cent coin with a bold repunched Mint mark was submitted by Frank J. Belmont. It has a bold D/D South that I now have listed in my files as 1961-D 5¢ WRPM-002. The direction associated with an RPM is always the direction that one must travel to get from the stronger secondary image to the weaker primary image.

Doubling shows on the lower part of Thomas Jefferson’s nose on the reverse of a 2013-P Mount Rushmore National Memorial quarter dollar submitted by a gentleman who wishes to remain anonymous, but goes by USMC60 for hobby purposes. I have this one in my files as 2013-P 25¢ SD WDDR-010.

A 2016-P Cumberland Gap National Historical Park quarter dollar submitted by Noah Ledbetter shows a minor reverse doubled die that has major significance. The frontiersman’s coat is doubled to the left of the upper right arm, where the background hill intersects the right arm. I now have this one listed as 2016-P 25¢ KY WDDR-002.

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