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Collectors continue to amass coin varieties

Varieties Notebook column from April 18, 2016, Weekly issue of Coin World:

In the March 21 installment of this column I reported on a 1913 Indian Head 5-cent coin submitted by Bill Fivaz. The coin has the “Type II” or Bison on Plain reverse and shows a nice doubled die on that reverse. Somewhere between my submitting the article and it actually appearing in print, the Type II reverse designation was incorrectly translated to “Bison on Mound” reverse.

The Bison on Mound reverse for the 1913 Indian Head 5-cent coins is also known as the Type I reverse so if you were searching the 1913 Bison on Mound reverse coins, you were looking in the wrong location. The good news is that my files contain two doubled die listings for the 1913 5-cent coins with the Bison on Mound reverse and two doubled die listings for the Bison on Plain reverse.

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Meanwhile, Coin World readers continue to keep me busy. 

Jonathan Larson submitted a Proof 1960 Lincoln cent that shows a Large Date hubbed over a Small Date. It is one of two such varieties known for the Proof 1960 cents. I list this one as 1960 1¢ Pr WDDO-001. A third variety exists that shows a Small Date hubbed over a Large Date.

A 1942-D/D Winged Liberty Head dime with a nice repunched Mint mark was submitted by John S. Gillilan. The variety shows a D/D Southeast. It is in my files as 1942-D 10¢ WRPM-021.

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Mark W. Joyner submitted a 1941 Washington quarter dollar with a very nice doubled die obverse. A spread to the north shows on the letters of IN GOD WE TRUST. This one is in my files as 1941 25¢ WDDO-004.

Yet another doubled die reverse on a 2015-P Homestead National Monument of America quarter dollar showed up in my inbox. This one was from Tom Graham and shows doubling to the left window just above the water pump handle. I list it as 2015-P 25¢ NE WDDR-122.  

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