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You bought it: 1881-CC Morgan dollar, U.S. Marshals commemorative

An 1881-CC Morgan dollar was among the recent purchases of Coin World Facebook fans. Pictured here is an MS-68 example from PCGS CoinFacts.

Images courtesy of PCGS CoinFacts

As part of our continued conversation with our readers, we like to ask Coin World Facebook fans to share about the numismatic acquisitions they've made recently.

Below are the recent purchases and discoveries our fans told us about on Facebook along with the reasoning behind the buys and finds:

Keith Beadia: "2015 silver eagle,...and a 1999 mexican libretad…"

David Hollister: "My coin funds went toward a new snow blower. I searched closed auctions for my fix though."

Mark Houston: "I got a 1936 quarter in change 6 days ago. abt good, but looked like a copper nickel for the uninformed."

John Lane: "I went through about 500 wheat back cents and found 2 VDB coins."

Larry Thomas: "A 1937 cent, in VF, in change. And was given a 1941 German 10 pfennig."

Brian Warner: "I purchased my 1860 Indian Head Penny in great condition. Also got a 1881-CC Morgan Dollar. Also in great condition. I am very happy."

Raymond L. Muñoz: "I bought my first Peace Dollar today. First one I've ever seen in person. Then again I've only been collecting since January." 

Joshua Holman: "I brought the Truman dollars this week. I also found some cents on the ground."

Eugene Rivera: "1975 Philippines complete proof coin set"

Belcy Arellano Gabriel: "I bought a NGC-70 U.S. Marshals commem; 1878-S,1899 Morgan MS-64; and Reverse Proof-70 2013 American Eagle."

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