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You bought it: Silver Jefferson 5-cent coins, 2015 Pandas

A set of silver Jefferson 5-cent coins from the World War II era (this one is an MS-66 version pulled from PCGS CoinFacts) was among the recent purchases reported by Coin World's Facebook fans.

Images courtesy of PCGS CoinFacts

As part of our continued conversation with our readers, we like to ask Coin World Facebook fans to share about the numismatic acquisitions they've made recently.

Below are the recent purchases and discoveries our fans told us about on Facebook along with the reasoning behind the buys and finds:

Bret Swanie: "Many, many purchases took place over the weekend as Idaho falls Idaho hosted the 41st annual coin show. Huge success! Anyone in SE Idaho should check out our FB page. Idaho falls coin club."

Timothy Benedict: "Found a couple 2015 coins in circulation. A Denver One Cent and Nickel. Had a Homestead Quarter get away as I passed it out in change."

John Lane: "I bought a whole set (11) of Silver War Nickels in MS65. Very nice coins."

Bryan Cleaver: "pcgs m.s 64 wheat, 1955/55"

Martin Kretzmann: "A couple 2015 First Strike Silver Pandas!"

Julio Andino: "I wish I can purchase every weekend lol"

  • Larry Thomas: "Buy a silver dime every week (at less tha $2 a pop) and soon a collection will start taking shape. There are bargains out there, but you'll spend all week trying to find the. But I got a 10 cent piece from Seychelles in pocket change once. Have fun."
Michael Bruni: "2015 proof sets and uncirculated W eagles."
Larry Thomas: "A 1941 Tunisia 2 Franc in NGC MS 65. I'm looking to have a certified coin from every country in the world as of 1900."
Phil N. MolĂ©: "1921 Peace dollar in PCGS MS 63 and 1926 Oregon Trail Half Dollar in PCGS MS 65. Also picked a 1920 key date Straits Settlement 10 cents coin in VF out of a dealer junk bin for $1."
Paul Gunsallus: "I bought a 1958-D PCGS MS67FB Roosevelt Dime off of eBay."
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