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You found it: 1928 Buffalo nickel, 1948 Franklin half

A 1928 Buffalo nickel (pictured here is a PCGS MS-65 version) was among the notable finds Coin World readers reported over the weekend.

Images courtesy of PCGS CoinFacts

As part of our continued conversation with our readers, we like to ask Coin World Facebook fans to share about the numismatic acquisitions they've made recently.

Below are the recent purchases our fans told us about on Facebook along with the reasoning behind the buys:

  • Joshua Holman: "I got a series 2013 $5 bill from Boston with Jack Lew's signature in change at a store this week."
  • Mark Overman: "I have a CFP 500 franc note I got in Moorea, French Polynesia last week that I kept as a memory of a great trip. It's quite nice looking."
  • Phil N. Molé: "Best stuff this week came from circulation finds. I found a 1928 Buffalo in a roll of nickels. I got rolls of dimes that were mostly 2014s but with a few random older ones mixed in, and one of them turned out to be a 1936 Mercury. Best of all, I got rolls of half dollars and on the end of a roll, I saw a Liberty Bell. I took the coin out to find an AU++/BU 1948 Franklin half with nearly full bell lines."
  • Chris-Kimberly Moore: "1924 & 1925 Standing Liberty Quarter (No mint mark on both). Not sure if they are really worth collecting though."
Want us to add your weekend purchase to the list? Tell us about it in the comment section below.

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