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You bought it: Gold error coin, 1918 Wheat cent, pair of VDB cents

As part of our continued conversation with our readers, we like to ask Coin World Facebook fans to share about the numismatic purchases they've made recently.

Below are the recent purchases our fans told us about on Facebook along with the reasoning behind the buys:

  • ?Todd Abshire: "Certified MS 63 1932 $10 Gold Indian (Struck Through error). I bought it because there just aren't too many error gold coins out there and I needed one for my error collection."
  • Timothy Benedict: "Found a 2005 S Kansas 90% Silver Quarter in circulation. Not sure what one would grade it as it is a circulated proof . My guess would be PF-55 if that is an accurate grade. Otherwise, nothing but a 1918 wheatie."
  • Jay Painter: "I.C.G. 1909 V.D.B. 66RD, unattributed FS-1102. Picked it with hopes to cross it to P.C.G.S., where the population of that variety is 13 in 66, 2 at 67."
  • Eric Wandersleben: "@ Timothy Benedict - Nice find! Sign of the times when proof silver shows up in circulated change???!!! I love finding 40 percenter Kennedys at the gas station and unclaimed silver in the Coinstars. Got my kids trained to look!"
  • Hugh Stiel: "For the second time" [Stiel attached a picture of a PCGS MS-67R 1909 Lincoln, V.D.B. cent.]

Want us to add your weekend purchase to the list? Tell us about it in the comment section below.

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