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ISIL wants coins, 1 million silver eagles purchased in 1 day

Images of reported proposed coins for the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria include two copper coins, three silver coins and two gold coins, as released by

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5. Market watchers suggest precious metals yet to reach bottom before successfully rebounding: With the price of silver continuing to drop, analysts see buying opportunities for investors but some are forecasting even lower prices.

4. Matthew A. Stickney 1794 Flowing Hair dollar brings $470,000 in Newman Part V sale: The Nov. 14 and 15 New York City sale realizes more than $10.4 million.

3. More than 2,000 19th century silver coins in mud-pot hoard discovered in India: Construction workers in a southern region of India make the find.

2. United States Mint resumes silver American Eagle sales Nov. 17 to satisfy voracious investor demand: Authorized purchasers bought 1,012,000 coins from the 1,525,000 allotted by the Mint.

1. Can ISIL issue its own coins?: Facts indicate that it is highly improbable the Islamic State will be able to circulate its own coins as they reportedly want to.

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