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Coin World posting daily at web site, now live on iPad

The digital age has made the global community a reality and propelled us into a 24-hour news cycle via the Internet, now a significant factor in the lives of a growing number of people, especially in the numismatic community.

Just ask anyone attempting to buy or sell coins these days — numismatic or bullion. Not knowing the current price of silver and gold or the intrinsic value of your coins can be costly, regardless of which side of the transaction you are on.

Thanks to mobile devices such as tablet computers — especially Apple’s iPad — one need not be without vital information and news provided by Coin World.

April 15 Coin World’s free application (known as an "app") went live, offering content available at Coin World’s new website (found at Now also live are paid iPad apps that provide a new way to view and access Coin Values information for more than 65,000 values of U.S. coins and a digital version of the popular Making the Grade book.

The Making the Grade app provides high-resolution color images of a wide range of grades for the top 50 most widely collected series of U.S. coins. The iPad technology allows a viewer to select images of the various grades and pinch-and-zoom to see the precise details and also read the descriptions that pinpoint the critical areas used in determining a coin’s level of preservation or grade. It also contains color maps that depict the critical areas of a coin’s surface as well as high-points maps that designate critical areas to check for evidence of wear.

Those who prefer reading weekly issues of Coin World in print will continue to be able to do so. But those who want or need to know about news as it is happening will be able to check Coin World’s website or their iPads for updates and be able to tap market trends as well.

Coin World’s approach now is to post breaking news stories in real time, with updates as needed, at the website. Print readers will continue to receive vital coverage, with the stories reflecting whatever is known and available at the time the print publication goes to press. Think of news on the Internet as a continuous flow, with snapshots at particular points in time developed for the print version of Coin World.

The ramp up for this change in delivery approach has been an exciting challenge for our veteran numismatic journalists, but we are constantly learning and evolving.

If you check our website frequently, you will find not only the latest news, columns and how-to-advice about collecting, but also dealers selling coins and other numismatic collectibles in real time in Coin World’s Marketplace.

You will also find social media opportunities via Facebook and Twitter. In today’s world people access digital content using many different devices, and social media channels are growing. Our aim is to deliver Coin World’s content and services across many channels.

In essence, we want you to have Coin World your way — that is, to be able to interact with Coin World when, where and however you want. And we will continue to uphold the principles that have made and continue to make Coin World the world’s No. 1 publication for coin and paper money collectors.

Coin World’s website will continue to grow in the coming months with the introduction of interactive forums and blogs and the addition of new dealers in the Marketplace.

We are striving to make your daily stop, whether you are a seasoned collector, casual collector, novice or savvy investor. n

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