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YNs have 2 days left to enter ANA writing contest: Morning Report

1. Deadline day

As the American Numismatic Association explains in the Facebook post above, Wednesday is the deadline for Young Numismatists to enter the organization's creative writing contest

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"Create a paper telling about a coin's ‘life,’ ‘adventures' and ‘experiences,’” reads a November Money Mail enewsletter from the ANA that explained the contest. "This story should be historical fiction (you get to make up the coin's story, but keep it based on history and reality as much as possible). Use a favorite coin as the subject of the story."

2. Precious metals pricing listed the following prices per ounce at 11:13 a.m. ET Tuesday:

3. What's new on

Batman is following in the footsteps of Superman and appearing on his own coin. Niue is celebrating 75 years of the comic hero with gold and silver coins portraying the Dark Knight. (And it comes with a cool app that lets you take a selfie with him!)

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