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Collection of challenge coins found, owner sought: Morning Report

1. Challenge coins found

The sheriff's department in Pottawattamie County, Neb., came across a collection of U.S. military challenge coins and is now trying to locate the collection's owner, according to a KETV Omaha report.

Military challenge coins (actually medals) date back to World War II and began as British sixpence that served to be membership tokens for a military drinking club, Michele Orzano wrote in a 2000 Coin World article. 

"The collection includes coins from Offutt Air Force Base and Air Force One," the KETV report reads.

2. Bill's Corner

Bill Gibbs discusses changes to the coin market in his new blog post.

"I am not talking about changes to grading standards nor about the massive increases in products offered by the United States Mint," Gibbs writes. "I am referring to changes in how coins are bought and sold."

3. Counterfeit arrest

"An Oklahoma City man was arrested Feb. 17, 2015, after being accused of printing counterfeit money. But he says it’s all a mistake, according to a story posted on the ABC TV affiliate WKOCO in Oklahoma City, OK."

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4. Chandeliers and Horse Feed

Kirsten Petersen of the Austrian Mint has published a new blog post about the Lipizzaner stallions and the place where they train, the Spanish Riding School. 

Those stallions are featured on a 2015 commemorative from the Austrian Mint.

5. Precious metals pricing listed the following prices per ounce at 11:59 a.m. ET Monday:

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