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Coin World launching Marketplace site

Coin World Marketplace, an online venue for collectors and dealers to safely buy and sell coins and other numismatic items, will make its official debut from Amos Media Company during the American Numismatic Association World’s Fair of Money Aug. 14 to 18 in Philadelphia.

Buyers are able to place orders with the seller of their choice and pay through an Escrow Checkout maintained by Amos Media, Coin World’s parent firm. The seller only receives the payment once the buyer has received and accepted the order.

Collectors and dealers can subscribe to different packages that permit listing from 50 to 20,000 or more items per month based on the subscription level desired.

Replicas and counterfeits are banned from being listed by sellers on the Marketplace pages. 

Sellers will also be charged a final fee, based on a percentage of the selling price, with that percentage determined by the subscription level.

The Marketplace website provides drop-down windows offering links to individual dealers and selected world mints as well as individual popular numismatic series that are illustrated with representative examples.

Amos Media CEO Rick Amos said: “We share the passion of our audience. Our vision is that we can provide a better experience for coin dealers and coin collectors. One that caters to making it easier to research, find, and buy coins for everyone that loves this hobby.

“Marketplaces are one of the hardest types of businesses to start because you have to acquire buyers and sellers at the same time,” Amos continued. “You need to launch with both, and you need to make sure they both scale together.

“The coin market, and our brand, has to evolve using technology to better connect coin enthusiasts. We are allowing our dealers to create virtual stores — that can includes content and video — which will allow them to differentiate themselves. For the buyer we are bringing the dealer community together and provide them with a global search for the coin they desire; we allow them to become better connected to dealers; and we ensure the transaction process runs smoothly.”

Marketplace focus

Amos said the primary focus for the Coin World Marketplace is providing an atmosphere aimed at :

1.?Buying coins safely and with confidence — Providing a platform that uses Escrow Checkout where the buyers purchase from the seller of their choice. Amos Media collects the funds and the seller receives the money once the buyer has received and accepted the product. The buyer has up to seven days to accept the delivered product. If after three emails from Amos Media the buyer takes no action to accept or reject, the buyer will be considered to have purchased the item and the full transaction will go through. The exception is bullion, which the buyer will own automatically upon delivery, unless there is a problem with the order or product.

2.?Establishing a Global Marketplace — Buy and sell from and to dealers and collectors from around the world.

3.?Buyer Protection — Amos Media will review all dealers and provide criteria they must adhere to before they can list products.

4.?Authenticity Guarantee — All sellers must verify and guarantee each product’s authenticity.

Dealer incentives

The Marketplace provides sellers:

1.?Access to numismatic customers that have been Coin World subscribers, readers and followers and trust in the brand.

2.?A concentrated marketplace for coin enthusiasts.

3.?A comprehensive numismatic experience with seller vetting, content and values, and dealers can provide reviews on buyers.

4.?Flexible seller packages with low selling fees on numismatic and bullion products.

5.?Integration of selling, shipment with insurance and tracking, and buyer acceptance.

6.?Payment verification.

7.?Global platform with access to international buyers.

8.?Dealer store with content that includes video.

9.?Inventory management program.

10.?Personalized support from the Amos Media client service team.

Buying advantages

Assurances provided to buyers on the Marketplace include:

1.?Vetting of dealers and private sellers from around the world.

2.?Authenticity Guarantee — dealers and sellers are not allowed to list replicas or fakes on the Coin World Marketplace.

3.?Escrow Checkout — Buy with confidence as a payment is safety stored and the seller receives payment only after the buyer accepts an order.

4.?Numismatic and bullion products offered.

5.?Every order is insured and tracked until delivery.

6.?Flexible payment options including bank transfer, credit card, PayPal or check.

7.?Personalized customer service to assist if something doesn’t go as planned.

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