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Coin World digital editions available Saturdays beginning July 26

Starting on Saturday, July 26, with the Aug. 11 issue of Coin World, subscribers will receive access to their digital edition on Saturdays, rather than Mondays. The email notifications that used to go out mid-morning on Mondays will now go out on Saturday starting July 26.

On moving the release date of each week’s issue up two days, Coin World editor-in-chief Steve Roach said: “We have our final sign-off of each week’s issue on Friday, so by releasing the digital edition on Saturday, collectors can get a jump-start on their weekend. For me, I enjoy reading on Sunday mornings, and our new release schedule will allow this for our readership.”

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Coin World remains committed to posting daily content to its website and through its free newsletters throughout the week.

Coin World news editor William T. Gibbs adds: “Our readers expect us to deliver news to them as quickly as possible. When I joined the Coin World staff more than 35 years ago, I never imagined that in the future we would have the ability to put an issue into our readers’ hands less than 24 hours after the issue came off the press. The power of modern technology now gives us that ability and more, including publishing breaking news minutes after it happens.”

Dean Horowitz, Amos Media’s vice president of products and eCommerce, adds: “The Coin World brand is the finest in the market. Its editorial team focuses on providing the most meaningful content for its subscribers. Their combined efforts ensure it is clearly ahead of other numismatic information resources. Our company is making significant investments in platforms and opportunities to provide their efforts to our audiences, in any manner they choose to consume it — print, digital, and events. This is a reflection of an entire company’s dedication to the collector audience.”

Coin World’s subscription department may be reached at 800-253-4555. 

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