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Coin World available on iPad in mid-April

Coin World will launch iPad applications in mid-April, offering news and a wide range of content for collectors, U.S. coin values and Making the Grade.

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Coin World will be available on the iPad in mid-April.

The free Coin World application (known as an “app”) offers rich content such as the News and Marketplace features that are available at Coin World's new website, launched in March.

Access is through the Apple iTunes App Store.

Coin World's iPad release is an exciting and engaging tablet experience for coin collectors,” said Jerry Osmus, senior director of digital media for Coin World's parent company, Amos Publishing.

Paid iPad apps include a new way to view and access coin values information for more than 65,000 values of U.S. coins and a digital version of the popular Making the Grade book.

The Making the Grade app provides high-resolution color images of a wide range of grades for the top 50 most widely collected series of U.S. coins.

The iPad technology allows a viewer to select images of the various grades and pinch-and-zoom to see the precise details and also read the descriptions that pinpoint the critical areas used in determining a coin’s level of preservation or grade. It also contains color maps that depict the critical areas of a coin’s surface as well as high-points maps that designate critical areas to check for evidence of wear.

Osmus said the iPad apps “will continue to grow and evolve as we see opportunity in the market and gather feedback from our users and partners.”

Osmus noted that Coin World’s new website,, is another step in becoming a true blended media company.

“Consumers today want to interact with brands like Coin World across many different mediums, both online and off. It is about creating a truly engaging customer experience with the rich tradition of print publications combined with an immersive interactive suite of products.”

The dynamic new website features daily posts of news and information about collectible coins and paper money from the United States and around the world, as well as an interactive Marketplace section in which shoppers can purchase directly online from Coin World advertisers.

It also offers social media opportunities via Facebook and Twitter.

“With the number of people accessing digital content across many different devices and social media channels growing, our mission is to deliver our content and services across all channels. We want our customers to be able to interact with Coin World when, where, and how they want. All the while adhering to the principles that make Coin World the world’s #1 publication for coin and paper money collector,” Osmus said.

“Our website will continue to grow this year with the introduction of interactive forums and blogs and the addition of new dealers into our Coin World Marketplace. We want to be the very first stop for the seasoned numismatist, the novice collector, and the savvy investor when they are looking for anything from value information to that one rare coin they are missing in their portfolio,” he added.

The website provides basic information about collectible coins and paper money in a section titled “Essentials.” New as well as veteran collectors will be able to check facts and tap into historical information ranging from design types to the designers and engravers who created them. “Essentials” also provides a glossary of numismatic terms, a primer on how coins are made, as well as the fundamentals of errors and varieties.

The section also provides answers to Frequently Asked Questions and listings of basic information such as how to contact federal mints around the world that produce circulating and commemorative coins.

The new website also offers an Events Calendar for up-to-date information on coin shows and other hobby events as well as a nationwide dealer locator.

Subscribers to the print version of Coin World continue to be able to access the digital version through the Web site. Subscribers also continue to have access to the digital archive of Coin World, encompassing every weekly issue published since Nov. 19, 2007.

Subscribers also have the ability to check more than 65,000 current retail values for U.S. coins and more than 17,000 values for all types of legal tender United States paper money. Retail values for Canadian, British and Mexican coins and euros from 21 nations are also available. ¦

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