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Bitcoin ATMs are popping up around the world, and on Twitter

1) Being social

Bitcoin ATMs? That's right. The virtual currency can now be exchanged for U.S. dollars at machines all over the world, including the one in the above tweet by @dogecoinisgreat. It's located in the Pioneer Place mall in Portland.

"Users of the Pioneer Place ATM can now trade the virtual currency for U.S. dollars—in $20 and $100 bills," Willamette Week report on the machine states.

The ATM is not that rare. Check out all of these Twitter pictures taken of similar machines. There's one in London pictured along with others in Canada and Bucharest.

Willamette Week reports the first Bitcoin ATM was installed in October 2013 in Vancouver.

2) Precious metals market

As of 2:55 p.m. ET Tuesday, one ounce of gold is valued at $1,198, according to The value was $1,198.30 at Monday's close. 

One ounce of silver this afternoon is valued at $16.60, up slightly from $16.465 at Monday's close.

3) What's new on 

Tuesday’s free Coin World eNewsletter focuses on world coins, and the lead stories for today’s edition are about a new Royal Mint commemorative honoring the anniversary of a famous World War II battle, and a rare Roman coin set to be sold on Dec. 8. 

4) Today's most read story so far

Mint drops maximum edition on four-coin silver Kennedy half dollar sets to 225,000

5) Being social (again)

Stack's Bowers is reminding Facebook fans that they can still consign and donate items for an upcoming auction to benefit ALS research. ( had more on that auction here.)

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