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Coin Invest Trust launches security feature for collector coins

A close-up of the Cook Islands Proof 2014 Shades of Nature: Bee gold-plated silver $5 coin shows the new security feature developed by Coin Invest Trust and B.H. Mayer’s Kunstprägeanstalt.

Images courtesy of Coin Invest Trust.

The private distributor Coin Invest Trust, which coordinates new noncirculating legal tender coins through issuers like the Cook Islands and Palau, announced Aug. 26 a new security feature.

The SeQrySign security feature, what the firm suggests is a hallmark, combines the initials of Coin Invest Trust, based in Liechtenstein, with those of the partner mint striking the coins, B.H. Mayer’s Kunstprägeanstalt in Germany.

According to CIT, the name of the feature is composed of the three quality features of Coin Invest Trust coins: security, quality, design.

The detailed micro minting that forms the device, which measures a fraction of a millimeter per line, can’t be matched through conventional methods of counterfeiting, the firm said.

The security feature has been in use for several months, on premium, low-mintage coins whose “popularity with collectors unfortunately also renders the coins particularly susceptible to counterfeiting and imitation.”

The firm did not disclose any such incidents, however. 

One of the coins bearing the security feature is the Shades of Nature: Bee coin released in June.

“With the introduction of the security feature SeQrySign®, Coin Invest Trust takes a firm stand against free riders and counterfeiters,” a press release from the firm indicated.

For more information about CIT coins, visit the company’s website.

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