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Civil Rights dollar reverse exhibits multiple finishes

The Proof 2014-P Civil Rights of 1964 silver dollar is considered to be an “Enhanced Proof.” Multiple Proof polishing and laser frosting finishes were executed on the reverse, the first time this combination of finishes has been used on a U.S. coin.

Image courtesy of United States Mint

Technicians at the Philadelphia Mint continue to experiment with Proof polishing and laser frosting techniques that are executed on dies by manual or automated means. Using these techniques, the Mint can achieve more than two finishes on one coin. 

In 2014, multiple finishes achieved through various intensities and levels of Proof polishing and laser frosting are being used on the reverse of the Proof 2014-P Civil Rights of 1964 silver dollar. According to Steve Antonucci, manager of Digital Process & Development at the Philadelphia Mint, this is the first time this many finishes in these intensities have been used on the same coin.

“Most notable is the use of mirror polishing in conjunction with multiple finishes and textures applied to supporting elements,” Antonucci said. “The field under the flame incorporates a unique combination of finishing processes where a light polish is applied, and then a light laser frost texture is summarily added.

“All lettering and the torch received a heavy laser frost treatment. Finally, the circular textured ring under CIVIL RIGHTS ACT OF 1964 and UNITED STATES OF AMERICA received an accenting polish treatment to enhance the beauty of this design.”


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