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Circulating production rises by 26.1 percent during May

The Denver and Philadelphia Mints’ combined production for circulating coinage in May increased by 26.1 percent over April’s output.

May’s output was 807.41 million coins — 412.81 million coins struck at the Denver Mint and 394.6 million pieces produced at the Philadelphia facility. The May figures brought total circulation-quality coinage production to 3,220,950,000 coins combined for all denominations at both Mints.

Production of America the Beautiful quarter dollars in May totaled 16.8 million coins, all at the Denver Mint, with none struck at the Philadelphia Mint. The Denver production comprised Olympic National Park (Washington) quarter dollars.

The combined production of Lincoln cents in May climbed 15.5 percent over April’s figures, Jefferson 5-cent coin production increased 90.4 percent, Roosevelt dime production increased 4.3 percent and Presidential dollar coin production dipped 92.1 percent.

Dollar coin production represented the Rutherford B. Hayes dollar.

Noncirculating coins

Two coins, Kennedy half dollars and Native American dollars, were not struck during May at either facility.

Both the Native American dollars and Kennedy half dollars are available only directly from the United States Mint’s numismatic program, because the Federal Reserve does not order either coin for circulation.

Kennedy half dollars have been struck in circulation quality only for sales to collectors in bags and rolls at numismatic premiums since the 2002 production year. All Native American dollars have been available only from the Mint or through collector distribution into circulation. ¦

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