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Circulating coinage production totals fall for 2021

Production in calendar year 2021 at the Philadelphia Mint and Denver Mint of circulating and circulation-quality coinage is running slightly below that for calendar year 2020.

Production of circulating coinage was increased in 2020 to meet increased demand in commerce. Circulation patterns were disrupted in 2020 in response to pandemic pressures.

The 2021 output comprises Lincoln cents, Jefferson 5-cent coins, Roosevelt dimes and 2021 quarter dollars placed into general circulation, as well as Kennedy half dollars and Native American dollars produced in circulation quality but offered by the U.S. Mint in bags and rolls as numismatic products above face value. (Some 2021 half dollars were placed into circulation through the Federal Reserve; typically, the denomination is struck only as a numismatic product.)

Quarter dollar production comprises the 2021 Tuskegee Airmen National Historic Site quarter dollar (the last of the 56 coins in the America the Beautiful Quarters Program), and the 2021 Gen. George Washington Crossing the Delaware quarter dollar.

Total 2021 circulation-quality coin production of all denominations through Nov. 30 totals 12,435,400,000 coins — 6,382,780,000 coins at the Denver Mint and 6,052,620,000 coins at the Philadelphia Mint.

As of Dec. 1, 2021 circulation-quality coins were still being produced.

For all of 2020, circulation quality coinage production totaled 14,774,400,000 coins — 7,693,300,000 pieces at the Denver Mint and 7,081,100,000 pieces at the Philadelphia Mint.

The striking of 2022 circulation-quality coins will likely begin before the end of 2021, but the new coins will not released until after Jan. 1.

Cumulative 2021 production totals reflect the following, with Denver Mint totals listed first, followed by those from the Philadelphia Mint:
➤ 2021 Lincoln cent: 4,035,600,000; 3,560,800,000. While more than one general news outlet has published articles suggesting that U.S. Mint production of the Lincoln cent for general circulation will end in 2023, Todd Martin, deputy chief for the U.S. Mint’s Office of Corporate Communications, confirmed to Coin World Nov. 30 that there are no current plans to cease Lincoln cent production. Although the Lincoln copper-plated zinc cent costs well over face value to produce, ending its production would require legislation from Congress.
➤ 2021 Jefferson 5-cent coin: 837.6 million; 785.5 million.
➤ 2021 Roosevelt dime: 1,445,000,000; 1,333,500,000.
➤ 2021 quarter dollars, combined mintages for both design types: 1,370,400,000; 1,397,600,000.
➤ 2021 Kennedy half dollars: 3.4 million; 2.3 million.
➤ 2021 Native American dollar: 1.26 million; 1.4 million.

Production figures for the four 2021 American Innovation dollars are not listed with the numbers for the other coins and thus were unavailable when this article was finalized for publication.

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