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Cincinnati coin club honors contributors with medals

Artist rendering shows the Gene Hessler Literary Award medal designs.

Images courtesy of the Cincinnati Numismatic Association.

The Cincinnati Numismatic Association’s first literary recognitions are in the form of medals that also honor longtime member Gene Hessler — paper money specialist, book author and professional trombonist.

The awards recognize the quality of original articles published in the club newsletter.

The medals are being minted at the city’s private Osborne Mint in silver for first-place recipients and bronze for second- and third-place awards. Hessler’s portrait appears on the obverse, while each reverse will be engraved with the recipient’s name.

The awards are retroactive to 2020, for articles published in the CNA newsletter in 2020 (except the August issue) and 2021. The club published its 90th anniversary issue in August 2020, and it was considered separately for awards.

The 2020 recipients are:
➤ First place: Joe Boling, “Infrared Inks on Federal Reserve Notes.”
➤ Second place: Michael Rice, “The Fatman Dollar.”
➤ Third place: Michael Folk, “Once Upon a Time, At a Local Coin Club...”

For the 90th anniversary newsletter, the honorees are:
➤ First place: Michael Rice, “Two Majestic Coins & Their Remarkable Designers.”
➤ Second place: Steve Roach, “Cincinnati’s Painter of Money: Charles A. Meurer.”
➤ Third place: Michael Sullivan, “Establishing Your Own Collecting Goals: 24-Coin Flowing Hair & Draped Bust Dollar Set.”

For 2021:
➤ First place: Michael Rice, “Eagles, Cultures, and Coinage, part one.”
➤ Second place: Bob Heeg, “Free Tools for Coin Collectors.”
➤ Third place: Barry Siegel, “American Whaling Depicted on Obsolete Banknotes.”

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