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Coins in use when the Cubs last won the World Series

When the Cubs won the World Series in 1908, the U.S. Mint was issuing some of its first Saint-Gaudens gold double eagles.

Image courtesy of Heritage Auctions

In case you just came out from under your rock, the news of the day is that the Chicago Cubs won the World Series Wednesday night in Cleveland. 

It was the Team Formerly Known as the Lovable Losers’ first title since 1908. 

There are plenty of crazy facts circulating around the web about what the world was like 108 years ago — Theodore Roosevelt was president, the Ottoman Empire was still an empire, and the first Model T was produced.

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But nothing gives numismatists quite the sense of how distant an era is like taking a look at its coinage.

So what change might have been found in people’s pockets back in 1908? 

From smallest denomination to largest, here are notable U.S. Mint coins that carry the 1908 date:

Indian Head cent
Liberty Head 5-cent coin
Barber dime
Barber quarter dollar
Barber half dollar
Indian Head gold $2.50 quarter eagle
Liberty Head gold $5 half eagle
Indian Head gold $5 half eagle
Indian Head gold $10 eagle
Saint-Gaudens gold $20 double eagle

Here's a quick look at a few of them: 

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