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Chester A. Arthur dollar rolls on sale April 5

The 2012 Chester A. Arthur Presidential dollars will first become available to United States Mint customers April 5.
Single 25-coin rolls of the Arthur Presidential dollars struck at the Denver and Philadelphia Mints will be offered by the U.S. Mint at $32.95 each beginning at noon Eastern Daylight Time April 5, Mint officials announced March 21. 
The rolls are the first numismatic products containing 2012 circulation-quality Presidential dollars. They are also the first circulation-quality Presidential dollars to be offered strictly as numismatic products.
Rolls containing circulation-quality Presidential dollars have been offered by the U.S. Mint at numismatic premiums above face value since the dollars were first offered beginning in February 2007 with the George Washington Presidential dollar. The same coins were also available at many banks at face value through the end of 2011, with the only differences being in the paper rolls used to house the Mint numismatic coins.
New products, pricing
The Mint also announced on March 21 four new Presidential dollar products, to be released at dates to be announced later. 
Mint customers will be able to order the four new Presidential dollar products with coins from either the Philadelphia Mint or the Denver Mint.
The four new products, initial pricing and premiums are:
??Presidential $1 Four-Coin set — $9.95 (59.8 percent premium above the face value of the coins in the set).
??Presidential $1 Coin 100-coin bag — $111.95 (11.95 percent premium).
??Presidential $1 Coin 250-coin box — $275.95 (10.38 percent premium).
??Presidential $1 Coin 500-coin box — $550.95 (10.19 percent premium).
A $4.95 shipping and handling charge will be added per order. An additional $7.95 shipping and handling charge will be added for each 500-coin box ordered because of the weight.
The Presidential $1 Four-Coin set contains one each of the coins to be released in 2012.
Each of the other products contains unmixed Presidential dollars of each design.
Availability, packaging, 
The Chester A. Arthur dollar is the first of the four Presidential dollars to be issued in 2012. The second dollar is for Grover Cleveland’s first four-year term as president, the third for Benjamin Harrison, and the fourth being the Presidential dollar representing Cleveland’s second presidency. 
Cleveland will be the only multiple-term president to be featured on two different Presidential dollars because his terms of office were nonconsecutive, serving as president from March 4, 1885, to March 4, 1889, then again from March 4, 1893, to March 4, 1897.
U.S. Mint officials said March 21 that rolls of the first Cleveland dollar will be offered beginning at noon Eastern Time May 25, following by rolls of Harrison dollars on Aug. 16 and the second Cleveland dollar on Nov. 15.
Dates and information for the release of the four new numismatic products for each of the four Presidential dollars to be released in 2012 will be announced when each product becomes available.
The  Mint’s 2012 Native American dollar coin rolls go on sale April 26 at $32.95 per single roll, or can be purchased by subscription now at $65.90 per two-roll set.
The same bag and box options from both Mints offered for Presidential dollars will also be available for the Native American dollars.
U.S. Mint spokesman Michael White said the packaging of the 100-coin bags for either dollar program will be similar to the packaging used for the America the Beautiful Quarters Program bags.
Final packaging for the 500- and 250-coin boxes will include special numismatic wrapping.
Packaging for the four-coin set is not yet determined, White told Coin World.
Length of availability
The dollar coins will be available under provisions of a policy instituted by the Mint in 2010.
“We established that the sales period of all bags and rolls products would be consistent at one-year from the initial on-sale date or until the next year product becomes available (sequential rolling basis), unless inventory is depleted prior to the one-year anniversary, or if inventory becomes critically low after production has switched to coins for the next year,” White said. “This policy will remain in effect for the new $1 coin products.” 
Traditional options and pricing
The 2012 Presidential and Native American dollars will also remain available through several traditional U.S. Mint product options:
??Presidential $1 Coin & First Spouse Medal set — $9.95.
??American Presidency $1 Coin Cover Series — $19.95.
??Presidential $1 Coin Proof set — $18.95.
??Presidential $1 Coin Uncirculated set (coins from both the Philadelphia Mint and Denver Mint) — $16.95.
??United States Mint Uncirculated Coin set (includes all Presidential dollars for the year and the Native American dollar) — $27.95.
??United States Mint Proof set (includes all Presidential dollars for the year and the Native American dollar) — $31.95.
??Native American and Presidential $1 Coin Rolls — $32.95 
??United States Mint Silver Proof set (includes all Presidential dollars for the year and the Native American dollar) — $67.95.
The packaging for these existing numismatic products will not change from the 2011 versions.
The Presidential dollars are also available as a subscription option for $65.90 per two-roll set, containing one 25-coin roll each from the Denver and Philadelphia Mints. The subscription option allows collectors to enroll to receive each Presidential dollar in a two-roll set as each coin becomes available.
White said it is anticipated that additional dollar coin products will be added to the subscription offerings after the first few releases.
Mintage projections
U.S. Mint officials projected production totals for the Presidential dollars based on previous demand for its numismatic products.
White said March 21 that the Mint anticipates demand for the four Presidential dollars to be 1.4 million for the Proof coin options, 1 million for the Uncirculated Mint set quality coins and 5 million for circulation-quality coins.
“The Mint retains sufficient capacity, and is confident it will be capable of responding to any increased demand,” White said. “The mintage numbers are based on numismatic demand forecasts taking into account that the coins will not be available from banks as usual.”
No ballistic bags, direct ship
Several numismatic options offered to Mint customers in the past are not being offered: bags containing 140,000 of the dollar coins and dollars offered via the Direct Ship Program.
During a Jan. 27 telephone interview with Coin World, U.S. Mint deputy director Richard A. Peterson said the Mint contemplated offering among its numismatic options of circulation-quality Presidential dollars a 140,000-coin jumbo ballistic bag. The bags are the same the U.S. Mint uses to ship the coins to an outside vendor to put into 25-coin rolls.
Mint officials, however, have decided not to offer that option at the current time, though White noted, “however, we periodically review our product options and can make whatever adjustments may be necessary to ensure viability of our products.”
The Mint’s former Direct Ship Program, which allowed collectors to obtain 250-coin boxes of rolled Presidential dollars at face value, has been replaced with the new purchase options. The Direct Ship Program was introduced in 2008 to allow collectors the opportunity to acquire the rolled coins at face value, with the Mint absorbing shipping costs. In early 2011, the Mint added a $12.95 shipping cost per box.
For more information on the availability of dollar coins from the U.S. Mint, visit or call 800-872-6468. 

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