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CFA recommends designs for silver medal honoring U.S. Army

Two different obverse designs and reverse designs (background images) were recommended by the Commission of Fine Arts for the United States Army silver medal.

Original images courtesy of the United States Mint.

Designs for a silver medal recognizing the United States Army were recommended Sept. 17 by the Commission of Fine Arts.

The panel reviewed 15 proposed obverse and nine proposed reverse designs for the medal, which will be part of the U.S. Mint’s ongoing medals program.

The medal will be 2 inches or 50.8 millimeters in diameter and contain 2.5 ounces of .999 fine silver.

The medal will be produced with a Matte Finish.

The Mint is also producing similar medals recognizing the U.S. Marines, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy and U.S. Coast Guard.

There is no word on whether designs will be proposed for consideration for the newly created Space Force. The United States Space Force was established on Dec. 20, 2019, with enactment of the Fiscal Year 2020 National Defense Authorization Act. The USSF was established within the Department of the Air Force.

Design recommendations

The Commission of Fine Arts approved the designs favored by Dr. Glenn Williams, a senior historian with the U.S. Army Center for Military History.

The recommendations comprise two different obverse and two different reverse options.

One obverse symbolizes the history of the United States Army through depictions of soldiers from different eras. The foreground features a modern day soldier in combat uniform aiming an M4 rifle and a Continental soldier brandishing a musket. The smaller figures in the background include a Civil War-era Union cavalryman and WWII-era paratroopers.

The second recommended obverse depicts a Continental soldier and a modern soldier “at the ready” with the weapons of their respective era. They represent the continuity of the United States Army since its beginnings, and its continuing mission to defend the country.

One reverse design recommended juxtaposes the seven core values of the Army against the U.S. Army flag, with both the flag and its streamers lifting in a breeze.

The streamers from several major battles have visible text (LEXINGTON 1775, APPOMATTOX 1865, MEUSE-ARGONNE 1918, LUZON 1944–1945, NORMANDY 1944, ABEYANCE 2014–2015).

Inscriptions are the Army’s seven core values of LOYALTY, DUTY, RESPECT, SELFLESS SERVICE, HONOR, INTEGRITY, and PERSONAL COURAGE.

The second reverse design recommended features UNITED STATES ARMY above the Army’s seven core values, LOYALTY, DUTY, SELFLESS SERVICE, RESPECT, INTEGRITY, PERSONAL COURAGE, and HONOR centrally inscribed. Around the bottom border, the Army emblem is flanked by laurel branches.

The United States Army was founded June 14, 1775.

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