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CFA matches CCAC design selections for 2023 American Liberty coins

The Commission of Fine Arts recommends same designs favored by the CCAC for the Proof 2023-W American Liberty, High Relief, gold $100 coin and silver medal.

Original images courtesy of the United States Mint.

The Commission of Fine Arts Feb. 17 recommended the same proposed obverse and reverse designs favored two days before by the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee for the Proof 2023 American Liberty, High Relief gold $100 coin and silver medal.

The devices on whatever designs Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen or her designee approve will appear on both the .9999 fine gold coin and the .999 fine silver medal, but the latter will be without coin inscriptions.

The Mint is also contemplating the production and release of a Proof tenth-ounce .9999 fine gold $10 coin in addition to the $100 gold coin version.

The coins will exhibit a reeded edge while the medal will be struck with plain edge. The Mint mark of the producing facility will appear on the medal’s reverse. The silver medal will include the inscriptions LIBERTY, WE SHALL PERSEVERE and the date 2023.

The recommended designs are thematic of the program focus of “Liberty Through Perseverance.”

The proposed obverse design, according to the U.S. Mint narrative, features a bristlecone pine, “a species native to California, Nevada, and Utah, thought to be the oldest living organisms on Earth, living up to 5,000 years. Bristlecone pines grow in places where other plants cannot.” The proposed reverse design “depicts the moments before a bald eagle’s first attempt at flight. A young bald eagle stands on a rocky outcropping, looking over its shoulder just before finding the courage to fly.”

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