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Central States Numismatic Society presents awards

Georgia collector Mack Martin captured the Ruhama and Leon Hendrickson Best in Show Award during the April 26 to 29 Central States Numismatic Society 78th Anniversary Convention in Schaumburg, Ill.

His multicase exhibit titled “A Unique Collection of Georgia Certificates” included the only two $20,000 6 percent certificates known extant from six issued between Feb. 9, 1864, and Sept. 21, 1864.

The prize accompanying Martin’s top award was a 2017 American Eagle 1-ounce gold $50 bullion coin and a certificate.

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Pennsylvania collector Thomas J. Uram, president of the Pennsylvania Association of Numismatists and a member of the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee, took home the Jerry Lebo Peoples Choice Award for his exhibit “The Society of Medallists,” featuring a complete 129-medal set of SOM medals issued from 1930 to 1995, displayed in eight cases.

Uram received a wooden-framed 2015-S Proof set and a certificate.

The John Jay Pittman Most Educational Exhibit Award went to Mike Miller for his exhibit “Timeline of Louisville Transportation Tokens & Exonumia.”

The Joseph and Morton Stack Award for the best exhibit by a first-time CSNS exhibitor went to Matt Campbell for “The Carnegie Hero Medal.”

According to CSNS officials, a total of 38 exhibitors, including two first-timers, representing 11 states, submitted 52 competitive exhibits in displays requiring 196 cases at the convention, with three noncompetitive exhibits in 14 cases.

Exhibit award winners

Other exhibit award winners and the exhibits for which they received recognition are:

??U.S. Coins: first, Tony Cass, “Carson City Gold Type Coins”; second, Floyd Aprill, “U.S. Philippines Half Centavos (1903–1908)”; and third, Jeffrey J. Rosinia, “Wartime Change: Alterations in US Coins during World War II.”

??Foreign Coins Prior to 1500: first, Bruce Bartelt, “From Croesus to Caesar: An Overview of Western Coinage Until the Dominance of Rome”; second, Donald H. Dool, “A.D. Dated Copper Coins of the 15th Century”; third, Dany Rothfeld, “Portraits of Twelve Caesars on Copper and Bronze.”

??Foreign Coins After 1500: first, Donald H. Dool, “The Phrygian on Liberty Cap as Depicted on a Selection of Coins and Medals”; second, Thomas J. Uram, “The Austrian 25 Euro Niobium Coins”; third, Nancy Wilson, “Great Britain’s Last Decimal Issue.”

??Medals: first, Donald H. Dool, “The Medals and Monuments of Jose De San Martin — Flow Link to Buenos Aires with Stops Along the Way”; second, Matt Campbell, “The Carnegie Hero Medal”; third, Thomas J. Uram, “The Society of Medallists.”

??All U.S. Paper Money: first, Mack Martin, “A Unique Collection of Georgia Certificates”; second, Dany Rothfeld, “Each One Unique”; third, Dennis Schafluetzel, “Wills Valley and Chattanooga & Alabama Railroad Scrip.”

??All Foreign Paper Money: first, Dany Rothfeld, “Israel’s 1955 Currency Series on Paper and Silver”; second, Nancy Wilson, “Ecuador Specimen Set Series of 1928”; third, Kathy Freeland, “Birds & Blooms of Suriname: A Complete Set of Banknotes from 2000–2003.”

??Tokens: first, Thomas Casper, “Milwaukee Civil War Tokens”; second, Mike Miller, “Timeline of Louisville Transportation Tokens & Exonumia”; third, Mark Wieclaw, “Irish Gun Money of James II 1689–1690.”

??Miscellaneous: first, Thomas Havelka, “A Numismatically Illus-

trated History of the Organ”; second, James Zylstra, “Commemorating Primitive Money in Central Africa”; third, Nancy Wilson, “Postage Stamp Scrip Notes.”

??Junior: first, Jason Paonessa, “The David R. Cervin Ancient Coin Project.”

Other honors

During the April 29 awards breakfast recognizing members, Mack Martin and New Hampshire collector Robert Fritsch were presented with CSNS Medal of Merit awards for their contributions to the organization.

Michigan collector Steven M. Bieda — CSNS general counsel, a Michigan state senator and designer of the 1992-D Olympic copper-nickel clad half dollar — received first place in the Elston G. Bradfield / Roland W. Finner Literary Award for his article, “Dinosaur Roams on Wall Drug Medal,” which appeared in the fall 2016 issue of the CSNS journal, The Centinel.

James Zylstra took second place for his article, “Marriage and Money in Africa,” which appeared in the spring 2016 issue of the club journal.

Isaiah Hageman was awarded the Daniel C. Parker YN Literary Award for his article, “Morgan dollar: Classic American Silver Coin,” which appeared in the fall 2016 issue. 

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