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CCAC selects designs for 2017 and 2018 Native American dollars

The Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee Oct. 7 recommended designs for the reverses of the 2017 and 2018 Native American dollar coins.

The panel reviewed 13 proposed designs for the 2017 reverse and 15 for the 2018 reverse. Whatever design is given final approval by the Treasury secretary or his designee will be paired with sculptor Glenna Goodacre's portrait of Sacagawea and son Jean-Baptiste, first introduced on the Sacagawea dollar in 2000 and continued on the Native American dollar series begun in 2009.

The recommended reverse for the 2017 Native American dollar features a profile of Sequoyah, a Cherokee silversmith and inventor of the Cherokee Syllabary. He is shown creating the original characters for the syllabary. Additional inscriptions are CHEROKEE SYLLABARY as well as Sequoyah's name in English at the lower border and in Cherokee above his writing tablet.

The CCAC urges use of the Lithos font and wants CHEROKEE SYLLABARY changed to CHEROKEE NATION.

For the 2018 reverse, the CCAC considered designs depicting Sac (or Sauk) and Fox Native American athlete Jim Thorpe, billed as the "world's greatest athlete." The group's recommended design depicts Thorpe in a football uniform and helmet, with a football clutched in his left arm. Thorpe's depiction is superimposed over a silhouette of Thorpe's ancestor, Chief Black Hawk.


The CCAC recommends the inscription JIM THORPE be moved from over the Chief Black Hawk silhouette in place of BRIGHT-PATH along the left border. The group also commends slightly enlarging Thorpe's depiction.

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