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CCAC concurs with CFA on 2026 cents and 5-cent coins

Neither the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee nor Commission of Fine Arts opted to recommend use of this proposed privy mark on the 2026 Lincoln cent or the 2026 Jefferson 5-cent coin.

Images courtesy of the United States Mint.

The Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee Feb. 27 followed the lead that the Commission of Fine Arts recommended Feb. 16 for design modifications for the 2026 Lincoln cent and Jefferson 5-cent coin.

Both panels recommended the simplest of the proposed design modifications — the dual dates 1776 and 2026 stacked, separated by a tilde (~).

Other modification options Mint designers proposed included using a Liberty Bell privy mark, either as a separator for dual dates or with the date of issue, 2026, solely.

The Liberty Bell privy mark marks the semiquincentennial anniversary with the numeral 250 appearing vertically in relief within the incused bell.

Dufour Woolfley, chief of the U.S. Mint’s marketing division, Office of Sales and Marketing, indicated during the CCAC’s Feb. 27 teleconference that the Liberty Bell privy mark or a completely separate privy mark could be employed in the 2026 Best of the Mint gold coin strikes being contemplated for the anniversary recognition.

According to U.S. Mint spokesman Brent Thacker, “I can confirm that the Liberty Bell shape was incused on the surface of both the [5-cent coin] and the [cent] during manufacturing validation. The ‘250’, residing inside of the shape, was to the same level plane as the surface of the coin. This process was to ensure that there would be no impact to our existing manufacturing processes. Numerous tests were conducted, and it was concluded there would have not been any negative impact if the committees were to choose one of the privy mark options.”

U.S. Mint officials have the option for a complete redesign for all circulating U.S. coin denominations for 2026 only, but pursued only minor modifications for the two smallest denominations.

Obverse and reverse design overhauls are expected for the Roosevelt dime and Kennedy half dollars, along with multiple redesigns for the quarter dollar issues. The dollar coins, which don’t circulate, are already set for reverse redesigns in 2026.

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