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CCAC agrees with CFA on suggested coin, medal designs

Proposed designs submitted for two future coin programs and a congressional gold medal were recommended Feb. 28 by the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee.

Designs were favored for the 2024 American Innovation dollar for Missouri; a 2024 Liberty–Britannia .9999 fine gold coin and silver medal, a joint numismatic release with Britain’s Royal Mint; and a congressional gold medal for Willie O’Ree, the first Black hockey player to play in the National Hockey League.

The designs recommended by the CCAC for the coins and medal were the same as those recommended by the Commission of Fine Arts at its Feb. 16 meeting.

The CCAC was scheduled to consider and recommend designs March 1 for the five 2024 American Women quarter dollars to recognize Celia Cruz, the Rev. Dr. Pauli Murray, Patsy Takemoto Mink, Zitkála-Šá and Dr. Mary Edwards Walker.

The CCAC’s recommendations for the quarter dollars were to be announced after Coin World’s publication deadline.

The CCAC considered five proposed obverse designs and five proposed reverse designs for the O’Ree medal.

The CCAC-recommended design for the O’Ree medal’s obverse depicts an older, post-playing years portrait of O’Ree, wearing his trademark fedora hat, backed by the logo of the Boston Bruins, the NHL team for which O’Ree played.

The recommended reverse design illustrates a goal being scored by player number 22, Willie O’Ree, while playing for the Boston Bruins. Teammates rejoice behind him as he scores. The CCAC suggests the inscription around the reverse border be changed to HOCKEY IS FOR EVERYONE. The panel also recommends removing the logos from the players in the background and modifying the hair on background players at the U.S. Mint’s discretion.

O’Ree appeared for the Boston Bruins on Jan. 18, 1958, when there were only six NHL franchises. O’Ree played professionally with eyesight in only his left, eye, the vision in his right having been taken at age 21 when struck by a puck during an amateur game.

The O’Ree congressional gold medal was authorized under provisions of Public Law 117-84, signed by President Biden on Jan. 31, 2022.

Liberty and Britannia

The 2024 Liberty–Britannia pure gold coin and silver medal program is the first original design collaboration between two of the largest mints in the world.

The 2024 program will feature a design jointly created by the chief engraver of the United States Mint, Joseph F. Menna, and the chief engraver of the British Royal Mint, Gordon Summers.

The joint design features allegorical Liberty and Britannia, both iconic emblems of their respective nations.

The U.S. gold coin will bear a $100 face value.

The .999 fine silver medal will bear the same designs but sans coins inscriptions or values.

Full details on the British contributions to the numismatic products have not yet been disclosed by the Royal Mint.

American Innovation dollar

The CCAC-recommended reverse design for the 2024 American Innovation dollar for Missouri was selected from a second group of designs requested by both the CCAC and CFA after both panels in June 2022 nixed recommending any of the first group of submissions.

The design recommended Feb. 28 by the CCAC is the same that the CFA picked on Feb. 16, which recognizes the achievements of scientist and inventor George Washington Carver.

In recommending the proposed Missouri dollar reverse, the CCAC also recommended revisions to the MISSOURI inscription at the U.S. Mint’s discretion.

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