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CCAC adopts resolution for annual art medals from U.S. Mint

The 11-member Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee unanimously adopted a resolution Sept. 24 formally calling for the Treasury secretary’s approval of a proposal for series of annual arts medals.

Under the proposal, two separate medal series would be offered — one dated, with an American Liberty theme that would change annually, and a second, freestyle medal, changing annually, that would provide interested artists with unrestricted design possibilities.

American Liberty medals

As envisioned, the proposal calls for a new American Liberty on the obverse of each medal in this series, while an American eagle would be incorporated on the reverse of each series medal.

The CCAC recommends that the U.S. Mint specify the medal be produced on a 1-ounce .999 fine silver planchet, with the medal having a diameter of 40.6 millimeters.

When appropriate to a particular design, the medal should be produced also in bronze or silver as a 76.2-millimeter or 3-inch medal.

“The larger size, when utilized, should allow, in consultation with the artist, for variation in finishes and the use of polish and patina,” according to the CCAC’s adopted resolution.

Designs submitted but not approved could be reconsidered by the CCAC with the following year’s submissions.


The second annually produced medal should be a freestyle art medal, according to the CCAC’s resolution.

Future medals may utilize alternate shapes as advancing technology allows.

“The subject matter would be of an American theme in the very broadest sense of the word,” according to the resolution. “The specific subject is left up to the artists and could include any non-living person, place, thing, event or idea that they feel inspired to create.

“The intent is to offer artistic freedom to the artists in developing images to foster a greater sense of creativity using innovative materials and techniques. This program is meant to be an incubator for ideas and daring designs that could inform future numismatic programs at the United States Mint.”

The artists would have the option of submitting an image of a sculpted model instead of a sketch if it would better reflect their design.

The program would encourage the use of patina and high relief on the art medal. The medal could be of bronze or silver with a 76.2-millimeter diameter, or an optional 33.3-millimeter size.

The CCAC would reserve the right to request certain designs not chosen be held over and resubmitted with the following year’s submissions. 

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